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We have a wide range of ready to apply proprietary  in-house  formulations and supplements at hand and our team is experienced in developing according to the needs of your automates and  test procedures. Our expertise are new projects with difficult, special needs. Please inform us about your requirements.

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Formulation and Validation of customer-requested monoclonal and polyclonal sera for the new ORTHO VISION® Analyzer in collaboration with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics: anti-H, anti-A1, anti-Cw, anti-M, anti-N, anti-Lea, anti-Leb, anti-S, anti-s, anti-Fya, anti-Fyb, anti-Jka, anti-Jkb, anti-Kpa, anti-Kpb, anti-Lua, anti-Lub, anti-cellano, anti-Coa, anti-Cob, anti-Wra, anti-Dia.


For commercial IVD kits or for use in external qualitity assessments. Please contact us to inform us about your requirments.


Formulation and production of tailor made test samples for external quality assessment schemes of the Austrian Association for Quality Assurance and Standardization of Medical and Diagnostic Tests (ÖQUASTA).

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