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Hemolysis of reagent red blood cells is the main reason for the short shelf live of screening and identification panels. Originally developed to serve our own in-house needs, we are now offering ImuSolutions to our customers.

Do you produce reagent red blood cells or do you use red blood cells with special antigens for special tests? ImuSolutions will provide you the best shelf life result.

Reference Customer: DRK-Blutspendedienst Baden-Württemberg-Hessen, Institut Baden-Baden

Our ImuStab-1 and ImuStab-2  solutions were developed in cooperation with our customer in Baden-Baden (German Red Cross, Baden-Wurttemberg-Hesse, Institute Baden-Baden). 

By using fresh erythrocytes and our ImuFreeze solution, we are achieving recovery rates of 80% of erythrocytes without loss of antigens after a storage time of one year at -20°C and washing with our ImuWash solution. Subsequently cells can be further preserved at 4°C with ImuStab solution.

Please contact us, if you have interest to test our ImuSolutions in your laboratory or for your IVD products. We are looking forward to support you with more detailed information on the protocols and to share our own experience with you.

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