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Blood Grouping Sera,
Enzymes and Enhancers


We offer routine testing sera and rare sera. 

Our monoclonal and polyclonal products are formulated and validated for the use for various techniques including different cards:

ABO, Rh-Sytem (Anti-D, Anti-Cw, Anti-C, Anti-c, Anti-E, Anti-e, Anti-CDE), Anti-P1, Anti-M, Anti-N, Anti-S, Anti-s, Anti-Vw, Anti-K, Anti-Cellano, Anti-Kpa, Anti-Kpb, Anti-Jsb, Anti-Fya, Anti-Fyb, Anti-Jka, Anti-Jkb, Anti-Lua, Anti-Lub, Anti-Xga, Anti-Coa, Anti-Cob, Anti-Wra, Anti-Dia, Anti-Lea and Anti-Leb


Papain destroys certain blood group antigens, notably M, N, S, Fya, Fyb and Xga. This property can be used to identify and separate mixed antibodies. However, Papain's shelf life is limited to 4 weeks due to the loss of enzymatic activity. ANTITOXIN has solved this problem by developing an inactivated form of Papain, that is activated by our ImuPap-Activator before use. By that we are not only achieving a longer shelf life, but as well a constant enzymatic activity to guarantee reliable test results.

Our comprehensive reagents offer is available in finished reagent bulk, labeled and unlabeled vials, OEM in customer design and our own registered ImuMed brand.

Please contact us to inform us on your needs, your interest in a distributorship and to enquire prices. Unusual, special requests are welcome. 

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