Antitoxin GmbH

Our Team

General Manager

Lukas Quidenus
e-mail: l.quidenus[at]antitoxin-gmbh[dot]de

Coordinator HR, Science & Operative Business

Prof. Dr. Egon de Groot
e-mail: prof.egondegroot[at]antitoxin-gmbh[dot]de

personal assistant to the CEO

Regina R. Schmid, M.A.
e-mail: r.schmid[at]antitoxin-gmbh[dot]de

Research & Development

Dr.-Ing. Ziyad Abdallah
e-mail: z.abdallah[at]antitoxin-gmbh[dot]de


N. N.
e-mail: atox[at]antitoxin-gmbh[dot]de

Quality Control

Ina Kleen
e-mail: i.kleen[at]antitoxin-gmbh[dot]de

Quality management

Ina Kleen
e-mail: i.kleen[at]antitoxin-gmbh[dot]de


Dipl.-Kfm. Johannes Höfer
e-mail: j.hoefer[at]antitoxin-gmbh[dot]de

Antitoxin GmbH