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Dr. med. Wolfgang Helmbold, physician, establishes the so-called Institut für Immunforschung (Institute for Immunoresearch) IFI in Spechbach, Germany.


Gödecke AG, a subsidiary of Warner Lambert, Int., USA, situated in Freiburg, Germany, takes over IFI as Institut für Immunforschung und Serumher­stellung Dr. Helmbold GmbH (an institute for immunoresearch and the production of sera). Dr. Helmbold manages the German GmbH.


IFI is followed bei Antitoxin Dr. Helmbold GmbH in Waibstadt / Daisbach, Germany. Antitoxin’s main activity is the production of in-vitro diagnostics, e. g. particularly all monoclonal and polyclonal ready-to-use reagents for the blood group serology. Antitoxin does not sell under its own brand name into the markets but supplies production and distribution companies at home and abroad.


Antitoxin’s company seat is relocated to Meckesheim, Germany.


DIN EN ISO 9001 certification under the direction of Dr. rer. nat. Ortwin Walla.


The company owner, Dr. Helmbold, deceases. Dr. Helmbold’s wife, Christa Helmbold, holds from now on 100% of Antitoxin Dr. Helmbold GmbH
Dr. Walla takes over the management of the company.


Christa Helmbold sells the Antitoxin Dr. Helmbold GmbH to ImuMed Deutschland GmbH, a newly found subsidiary of the ImuMed International Ltd., located at Bermuda.


In January Antitoxin Dr. Helmbold GmbH becomes Antitoxin GmbH.


Dr. Walla acquires Antitoxin GmbH as a whole by management buy-out (MBO). Antitoxin is certified according to DIN EN 46001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.


Antitoxin establishes its own brand name „ImuMed“ for its products. Distributors, who do not strive for a CE marking, sell Antitoxin’s products into the markets under this label.


Antitoxin is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and to ISO 13485:2003 as well as to IVDD-IV.3


Antitoxin‘s company seat is relocated to Bammental, Germany.


Antitoxin is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2007.


In April large parts of Antitoxin’s production site are consumed by fire. In a very short space of time Antitoxin continues its manufacturing and distribution (where property is destroyed - in prefabricated cabins).


Antitoxin’s reconstruction is completed in spring.

Antitoxin GmbH employs more than 20 people and generates an annual turnover of some 2,5 million Euros.

Antitoxin GmbH